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I think I need a craftervention

(Revised.) While I have loved doing the Skillbuilder BOM, it’s always been looming over my head and I’ve felt like that’s all I’ve done all year (mystery quilt and baby quilt aside).  Plus,  I’ve been watching all these fabulous bee blocks everyone has been doing and I really want to do one so I signed up for next year’s Stash Bee.  Also, last week, my traditional guild decided that next year we will do a charm swap every month and make a block.

Cue the 3 BOM e-mails I’ve received in the past week.  I don’t know if I can resist.   First is the Sugar Cube Block 2014 by Amy Gibson .  I have to say that I  have loved seeing all the sugar cube blocks spread all over the internet this year.  Amy’s BOM for 2014 is going to be a mystery though I’m sure it will be super-cute.  I don’t think I’ve seen her do anything that wasn’t cute since I started following her.  Even her children are adorable.  Then there’s Kristy at Quiet Play.  Have you seen the paper- pieced quilt that she designed?  How cute is that?  It doesn’t even have to be a quilt – wouldn’t these be awesome potholders to hang on your kitchen wall!  Gah, the cuteness…. (Actually, I know that I’m going to definitely do Kristy’s –I have to – just look at how cute that Sew Kitschy button looks on my sidebar).  Finally, Alyssa over at Pile O’Fabric has another fab BOM planned for next year It’s a sewing theme – I don’t know about you but I have been coveting sewing themed blocks ever since the Sew Out Loud QAL 2 years ago   sew out loud quilt along.  Seriously, I know I can’t handle 5 blocks a month on top of the to-do list of quilts that I want to do but these all sound so great. Maybe I should just do Kristy’s and hope for a couple adorable potholders.

By the way, did I mention that I started a honey cowl; yep after 3 hours of knitting, I have exactly one row to show for it.  It has been relegated to the after Christmas (maybe) pile.  I’m also seriously tempted to use my blue and orange DS Quilts fabrics to participate in the APQ quilt-along that’s gearing up.  Uh yeah, about that craftervention.

Wow!  look at that progress….

Wow! look at that progress….

I did manage to catch up on 2 more blocks for the Skillbuilder BOM-only 2 more to go and I can do all the fmq that I haven’t done since the first set of blocks…

Confession by finished, I mean it's fused.  I wussed out on the piecelique and I'm just doing raw edge appliqué.

Confession -by finished, I mean it’s fused. I wussed out on the piecelique and I’m just doing raw edge appliqué.

So do you have an elf on the shelf or a variation thereof?  Our “elf” took selfies the other night while riding on the broken airplane in our office and made a slide show.  Lil Bee was thrilled to tell her friends about it.  What does your elf typically do during December?

Flying elf


I’m just giddy with this idea

Last week on IG (note that I’ve now become completely addicted to Instagram), I saw a teaser for making your own text fabric by Latifah of the Quilt Engineer blog.  My first thought was “cool, I don’t have to search all over for the perfect text print”.  But this weekend, I had one of those lightbulb moments that well, just made me giddy.  It’s what I love about quilting–that feeling that you have just come up with the most amazing idea. Do you feel that way too?

My idea involves Lil Bee.

Her eyes light up over paint.

Her eyes light up over paint.

She loves to make art and she does so in large doses.  Note the 6 paintings above that were done in probably 30 minutes.  I love that she wants to create things-it makes my heart warm and fuzzy.  That being said, I’m constantly finding art littered all over the house.  A few weeks ago, I finally convinced her that we couldn’t keep it all (I know, I felt like the biggest ogre but I honestly don’t want to be on a episode of hoarders a couple years from now).  So we went through and picked her favorites that we would definitely keep and hang up in the toy room like

She put this one in the school art show--it's called Crazy...

She put this one in the school art show–it’s called Crazy…

The rest we took pictures of so that we could burn them to a CD or perhaps make a book on Shutterfly.

So anyways, I so want to encourage her creativity and nurture her interest in all crafts.  She so wants to be involved in my quilting/sewing and Latifah’s idea of making your own text fabric got me to thinking.  I could have Bee draw her own pictures on fabric with fabric paint/fabric markers and we could work together to sash all her masterpieces into quilts and give them as gifts to her grandmothers for Christmas.  Heck, it doesn’t even have to be an entire quilt, we could make coasters, hot pads, or placemats with her artwork.  I’m really excited about this idea and so is Bee.  I think it will be a great way to ease her into sewing.

So what do you think?  Stay tuned to see how this works.


Come Quilt with Us!

If you follow the Modern Quilting page on Facebook, you have probably seen that Alyssa Lichner of is hosting a Skill Builder BOM in 2013.  The quilt looks awesome.  I have decided to participate and I’ve even talked my sister into joining in with me.

Skill Builder BOM hosted by Pile-O-Fabric

Skill Builder BOM hosted by Pile-O-Fabric

She’s going to cover some advanced piecing and and paper piecing blocks and it’s going to be a QAYG so I plan on learning FMQ on a small scale.  The colors that Alyssa has chosen are gorgeous.  I am still trying to figure out what colors I want to use–I’m tempted to use the same colors as Alyssa but that probably wouldn’t be very fun so we shall see what I come up with.  My husband got me a bundle of Little Black Dress by Moda which I should probably try and incorporate into the quilt but I was also thinking it might be really pretty to do a quilt in blues, greens and golds.

Come join us-it will be fun.


Look what I won

Map Tree Print

Print I won from Stella Violet

I won the above print a few weeks ago on Facebook from Loretta Grayson of Stella Violet  you can find her blog here .  She is also on Facebook (she is having another giveaway when she reaches 700 likes) and she has an Etsy shop.   She has some absolutely gorgeous pieces.  This particular print is the Map Tree print made from vintage maps–isn’t it gorgeous–I love it.  She sent it wrapped in a map and included the cute little origami crane you see too (my son immediately took that over).  You should check out her work and her blog.

She is the perfect inspiration for the modern quilter–in fact, that’s how I first stumbled upon her blog.  Another woman in my quilt guild blogged about her work and actually made a quilt based on one of her pictures.

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A little break from the Robot Star Quilt

So needless to say, I was little frustrated in quilting the Robot Star and finally put it aside for a bit.  I’ve caught up on Downton Abbey, worked on that darn t-shirt quilt for my husband (ugh, I can only do a t-shirt quilt for someone I love because ironing interfacing to t-shirts is EXCRUCIATINGLY boring), and took part in a flash mob with my girls–what fun even if I am terribly uncoordinated!

I also have been piecing together some hexies.

One little hexie

I’ve been hand piecing these while my daughter is in play practice–something simple and totable that keeps me quiet during rehearsals.  I’ve completed 3 hexies now.

3 of ? hexies needed

I’m kind of pleased with how they are turning out.  I don’t plan on doing an entire hexagon qulit–just some hexagons within a large (I mean LARGE) expanse of negative space.  I’m in no hurry though.  The fabric is cheap fabric that I got on clearance–that I bought on a whim just to try things–I liked the colors.  Maybe if it goes really well, I’ll actually purchase nice fabric and try it again.

The flash mob that we took part in last night was during Riley Days, a local craft festival, and we did some browsing of the antique store on Main Street.  I found this quilt block which I think is probably out of feed sacks but to tell you the truth I wouldn’t know if it was made out of fabric from 10 years ago.

Antique block

I love it.  There were two lonely blocks, I don’t know if they were extras or perhaps a trial of something new which didn’t work out.  I thought maybe it was an original pattern but I found the real pattern online -I would add a link her but I’m not that tech savvy–It’s a Fourth of July block.  I think the person that did this block probably struggled with it–the pattern I found online has the navy section out of HSTs and the person that did this block did diamonds so it doesn’t really fit quite right–so obviously I felt a kinship with this person and had to have this block.  I may try to do one in some modern fabrics because I think it has a modern feel to it.  did you notice that the two navy sections on the bottom aren’t the same fabric–it took me a while to notice that.

So does anyone know how to tell if these fabrics are really feed sacks?