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2014 Endeavor

Rather that go on lamenting about all that went wrong or did not get finished this year, I am going to forge on with my touchstone word for 2014:


This year, I will endeavor to BE more productive, healthier, wiser, happier, charitable, industrious, inspirational, etc.  I am going to put forth more effort on every front; I will Endeavor to finish projects, continue with projects, tackle new ideas and stop asking “what if”.

That begins with finishing the leg lamp pillow for my husband.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my last minute efforts to finish a Christmas present and realize at 12:30 Christmas morning that I had not bought thread to quilt the pillow.  Since the roads are so terrible here today that I decided to turn back from my drive into work today, I plan on finishing that today.  I also hope to at least glue baste these letters onto a quilt that I have planned for my daughter:




All perfect words of inspiration for a little girl (and even her mom).

I’m off to finish a pillow.

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50 Things about me

Just a warning, this is not a quilty post. I saw this on Laura Listar’s blog and thought it was fun. She did 100 but I don’t think I can think of that many things that I would willingly tell everyone so I’m doing 50. (Actually 51 since I just admitted to being a very private person).

1.  I hate having birthdays.  It’s silly, I know but after 25, I really don’t care to be reminded how old I am. (I convinced myself at one point that I was a year younger than I actually was). My sweet son even knows to tell everyone that I’m 29.

2.  I am the oldest of 3 children.

3.  My biggest dream when I was young was to live in NYC.  The closest I got was Philadelphia for 3 years.

4.  I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up but decided against law school bc I’m not a political person.  I can’t decide whether it was the smartest or dumbest decision I ever made.

5.  I was extremely shy as a child.  A lot of kids probably thought I was stuck up but really, I just was afraid to talk to people (especially boys).

6.  I didn’t stop worrying about what others thought of me until college.

7.  I went to a big university so I could get lost.

8.  My favorite place is the beach.

9.  I swore I would not live in Indiana once I became an adult and yet, here I am. 

10.  My favorite flower is a sunflower.

11.  My favorite dessert is cheesecake.

12.  I don’t think I’m very photogenic which is why I don’t put very many photos of myself out there for people to see. 3D is much better than 2D.

13.  I want to go to Italy one day.

14.  I had a crush on my husband when we were in 3rd grade.  True story -he didn’t know until 19 years later. (Should have never told him).

15.  I love to read.

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Holiday wrap-up

I made a scarf out of Sinister Swarm and Coral Coreopsis velveteen by Anna Marie Horner.  When I initially bought the Sinister Swarm fabric I had intended to put it in a quilt but then hated to cut it up so I searched for some velveteen to make an infinity scarf.  Well, I have now cut up all of the Sinister Swarm because I initially cut 2- 6 inch strips and then decided it wasn’t wide enough and went back and cut 2-9 inch strips.  (Oh well,  now it’s cut and I won’t have a problem putting it in a quilt.)  After I finished sewing it all together as an infinity scarf, I decided it was too long and bulky so I just made it a regular scarf.  I think I’m going to put non-quilt sewing to the side for a while because I’m just not as satisfied with the finished produce (unless it’s kid clothing).  I think in hind-sight, I probably should have used all voile fabrics and it wouldn’t have been as bulky.

Non -infinity scarf

Non -infinity scarf

Not the best picture, I know.

Not the best picture, I know.

My family got me some cool quilting books for Christmas:

I can't wait to do a project from one of these!

I can’t wait to do a project from one of these!

My husband even bought me fabric!  I had listed random fat quarters on my wish list thinking that he would take the kids and let them choose a couple fat quarters that they liked.  Instead he went out by himself and bought 2 fat quarter bundles–Little Black Dress by Moda and Town and Country by Dear Stella.  I haven’t decided what to do with them yet.  I was going to try and use them in Alyssa’s BOM but, I haven’t decided if the orange and gold tonal fabrics really gel with the pink/magenta fabrics I have chosen so far.

So I am working on starting my new year goals.  On Christmas Eve, I used a gift card I received from my office and signed up for a paper piecing class that was on sale–I’m looking forward to starting the videos.  Today I bought a free motion foot for my machine today so that I can start FMQ with Alyssa’s Skill Builder BOM.

I wanted to actually sew today but I should probably feed the kids first.  It’s amazing how little sewing I get done when I have time off of work–I had plans of sewing every day and it just hasn’t happened.


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A little bit of everything going on here

The kids have been busy and with the holidays and Christmas shopping, I just haven’t done much sewing lately.  Of course, when I have sewn, it’s been to make an ornament for the local MQG’s ornament swap (and yes, I stressed myself out about it just like the pincushion but this time I finally settled and turned something in.)  I decided to make a little house because I’ve seen so many cute ones online.

House for IMQG ornament swap

House for local MQG ornament swap

Back of my ornament with a snowman.

Back of my ornament with a snowman.

Here are the other ornament attempts that I made.

1.   A bird which I apparently needed to make more 3D to get the effect I was going for…

IMG_02312.  A Froebel Star–there is a tutorial on Betz White‘s blog that does a pretty good job of explaining how to do this but I also had to look up a you tube video to figure out how to continue around the star.  Mine didn’t turn out as nice as the one Betz White did; I’m not sure if it was because some of the fabrics were Kona and it was just too thick or if it all boiled down to the fact that I didn’t have a bodkin and didn’t want to dig around for tweezers.  Anyways, 2 other ladies did these stars and they looked fabulous.

Froebel star attempt

Froebel star attempt

So anyways, that is why I went with the house.  Of course, I am now going to have to make another house because Lil Bee was really counting on keeping the one I gave away:)  Lil Bee is my biggest cheerleader.

The ornament I received was this cute little tree.  Funny thing, it was a blind draw and Rachel ended up with the ornament that I made.

Little Christmas tree that Rachel made--so cute!

Little Christmas tree that Rachel made–so cute!

Other than ornament sewing, I finally completed one of the March blocks from the Craftsy BOM.  Yeah, I’m a bit behind.  I think it’s because the blocks have  a modern feel and the fabric I decided to use was a fat quarter bundle my mother gave me when I first started quilting and it’s pretty traditional.  I love the colors but I’m just not feeling it with these blocks; I even went to Crimson Tate and had her help me punch it up with some more modern fabrics–maybe I just need to put more of them in the blocks.

Craftsy BOM -March block 1(completed in December...)

Craftsy BOM -March block 1(completed in December…)

That’s all the sewing I’ve done lately.  I’ve decided to make pillows for my nieces and nephews on my husband’s side for Christmas because, I like to live on the edge sometimes.  It’s only four pillows and I’m going to do something simple like the Chevron block from the Craftsy BOM.  Of course, I was hoping that I would be able to use my Walk in the Woods fabric for my 7-year-old niece but she’s apparently a Bieber fan so I’m going to have to do purple for both my nieces.  (I’m just going to have to make that Walk in the Woods into a blanket for me, I guess).

The last project that I’ve been working on is re-finishing this chair.

A chair for my sewing room, finally!

A chair for my sewing room, finally!

It’s only taken 4 coats of cream paint.   I put on the fourth tonight and decided that was it.  I can’t wait to recover the seat and get it in my sewing room.  I actually found this chair at a local antique store for $15–pretty good deal considering that everything at Goodwill cost more and was less sturdy.

Happy Holidays!  My next post will be of my pillows for the nieces and nephews.


Look what I won

Map Tree Print

Print I won from Stella Violet

I won the above print a few weeks ago on Facebook from Loretta Grayson of Stella Violet  you can find her blog here .  She is also on Facebook (she is having another giveaway when she reaches 700 likes) and she has an Etsy shop.   She has some absolutely gorgeous pieces.  This particular print is the Map Tree print made from vintage maps–isn’t it gorgeous–I love it.  She sent it wrapped in a map and included the cute little origami crane you see too (my son immediately took that over).  You should check out her work and her blog.

She is the perfect inspiration for the modern quilter–in fact, that’s how I first stumbled upon her blog.  Another woman in my quilt guild blogged about her work and actually made a quilt based on one of her pictures.

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Hello world!

My very first post.  I follow the blogs of many fellow quilters and truly enjoy reading about their quilting and their lives.  As a new quilter (I’ve only done 2 so far), I wanted to keep a scrapbook of the process and/or finished quilts just to look back on one day.  (Perhaps writing about them and posting pictures will help me finish them faster too!).

I had planned to share my current project for my first post but mistakenly loaded the photos onto my husband’s side of the computer and it’s too late tonight to take more pics or try to figure out how to get them from his iPhoto library to mine. time I will know.  (at least I found them somewhere, I was beginning to panic that I had deleted my daughter’s sixth grade graduation photo from the camera before confirming it was on the computer).