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2014 Endeavor

Rather that go on lamenting about all that went wrong or did not get finished this year, I am going to forge on with my touchstone word for 2014:


This year, I will endeavor to BE more productive, healthier, wiser, happier, charitable, industrious, inspirational, etc.  I am going to put forth more effort on every front; I will Endeavor to finish projects, continue with projects, tackle new ideas and stop asking “what if”.

That begins with finishing the leg lamp pillow for my husband.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my last minute efforts to finish a Christmas present and realize at 12:30 Christmas morning that I had not bought thread to quilt the pillow.  Since the roads are so terrible here today that I decided to turn back from my drive into work today, I plan on finishing that today.  I also hope to at least glue baste these letters onto a quilt that I have planned for my daughter:




All perfect words of inspiration for a little girl (and even her mom).

I’m off to finish a pillow.

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50 Things about me

Just a warning, this is not a quilty post. I saw this on Laura Listar’s blog and thought it was fun. She did 100 but I don’t think I can think of that many things that I would willingly tell everyone so I’m doing 50. (Actually 51 since I just admitted to being a very private person).

1.  I hate having birthdays.  It’s silly, I know but after 25, I really don’t care to be reminded how old I am. (I convinced myself at one point that I was a year younger than I actually was). My sweet son even knows to tell everyone that I’m 29.

2.  I am the oldest of 3 children.

3.  My biggest dream when I was young was to live in NYC.  The closest I got was Philadelphia for 3 years.

4.  I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up but decided against law school bc I’m not a political person.  I can’t decide whether it was the smartest or dumbest decision I ever made.

5.  I was extremely shy as a child.  A lot of kids probably thought I was stuck up but really, I just was afraid to talk to people (especially boys).

6.  I didn’t stop worrying about what others thought of me until college.

7.  I went to a big university so I could get lost.

8.  My favorite place is the beach.

9.  I swore I would not live in Indiana once I became an adult and yet, here I am. 

10.  My favorite flower is a sunflower.

11.  My favorite dessert is cheesecake.

12.  I don’t think I’m very photogenic which is why I don’t put very many photos of myself out there for people to see. 3D is much better than 2D.

13.  I want to go to Italy one day.

14.  I had a crush on my husband when we were in 3rd grade.  True story -he didn’t know until 19 years later. (Should have never told him).

15.  I love to read.

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A weekend of progress

I don’t know if it was the fact that I was following all the sewing summit posts on Instagram or if it’s because I have 2 quilt guild meetings this week but I feel like I did more this week than I have in a while.  I probably still won’t have anything to show at the guild meeting since I seemed to jump around on projects but at least I am progressing forward.

So I am still working diligently on the my 3rd(4th?) attempt at the Diamond Carat.  Seriously, this block is kicking my butt.  I am just hand piecing it now and that seems to be working better than the attempts at EPP and paper piecing it (the directions called for EPP).  Hand sewing is a nice thing to have for the evening since I can do it in front of the tv with the rest of the family; I don’t feel as guilty doing that as I do running off to my sewing machine in the evening.  I have decided this pass at the block is going to have to be gold because I am not doing it again.  I think Alyssa was prepared for that instance since one of the blocks (that I haven’t made yet–did I mention that I’m a bit behind) actually ends up making an extra that Alyssa sweetly suggests we could turn into a pillow.

I, or rather TweezerGirl and I, finished my Broken Arrow Block.  Can I get a WOOT, WOOT?

I'm a little in love with this block.

I’m a little in love with this block.

Isn’t TweezerGirl cute?

Tweezergirl has it all together!

Tweezergirl has it all together!

After all the picking of freezer paper, she still looks happy and composed.  So with TweezerGirl’s help I am now ready to move onto Blocks Lesson 7.   Uh yeah, the group started Block 9 last week.  I haven’t even logged onto Flickr to see just how many people are actually keeping up.  I still have to quilt mine before I can actually say that I am caught up.

I worked a little on the “Jinxed” quilt.  I am so close to the end with this quilt, I really just need to finish.  True to form with this quilt, I realized that I cut a whole bunch of triangles down that should not have been cut down:-\   Fortunately I bought my black Kona with a coupon at Joann’s and told them just to give me the whole bolt (so I don’t have to worry about matching dye lots or anything).   I’ve started sewing blocks into rows and then got tired of pressing so worked on sewing the piano key border together.  Cross your fingers for me, I may just have a finished top by Thursday’s guild meeting.

My ten year old son has decided that he no longer wants his “baby” furniture in his room (actually he decided that about 2 years ago but we’ve been stalling because it was hard enough to paint over the mural of Thomas the Train back then).  We finally decided we would paint over it because It needed some serious cleaning if we wanted to sell it.  So today, I sanded and put the first coat of black paint over this…

It just broke my heart to cover this cute design up.

It just broke my heart to cover this cute design up.

This little dresser served as a changing table for all 3 of my children and I just have to face it, I don’t have any babies anymore.

Watched Mr. H. play his last football game of the season on Saturday.


They lost.  Poor guys, they were doing so well in the first half and then it just all fell apart.  I’m going to miss seeing this little guy in his jersey and orange pants every weekend.

And lastly, I blogged.  I hope you all had a productive weekend too.

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Double Digits

made by my mom

made by my mom

So let me start out and say that I did not make this pillow.  It was made by my mom.  She made it for my son’s birthday yesterday.  Isn’t it awesome!  Mr. H loves it, he’s been carrying it from room to room to use ever since.  He did have one criticism about the pillow–it has 2 football players that are Tom Brady on it.  (My son is a huge Peyton Manning fan).  I wouldn’t have known so I know my mom didn’t know–they just look like generic football players to me.   So, you are all forewarned–if making a pillow for your little or big football player–take note of the players you are fussy cutting from the fabric.

the back of the pillow

the back of the pillow

So today Mr. H turned 10.  It’s hard to believe that my little cutie boy isn’t a baby anymore (although he’ll always be my baby as long as I’m alive).  He’s my favorite boy of fall.

Mr H at his game-they won!

Mr H at his game-they won!


I’m just giddy with this idea

Last week on IG (note that I’ve now become completely addicted to Instagram), I saw a teaser for making your own text fabric by Latifah of the Quilt Engineer blog.  My first thought was “cool, I don’t have to search all over for the perfect text print”.  But this weekend, I had one of those lightbulb moments that well, just made me giddy.  It’s what I love about quilting–that feeling that you have just come up with the most amazing idea. Do you feel that way too?

My idea involves Lil Bee.

Her eyes light up over paint.

Her eyes light up over paint.

She loves to make art and she does so in large doses.  Note the 6 paintings above that were done in probably 30 minutes.  I love that she wants to create things-it makes my heart warm and fuzzy.  That being said, I’m constantly finding art littered all over the house.  A few weeks ago, I finally convinced her that we couldn’t keep it all (I know, I felt like the biggest ogre but I honestly don’t want to be on a episode of hoarders a couple years from now).  So we went through and picked her favorites that we would definitely keep and hang up in the toy room like

She put this one in the school art show--it's called Crazy...

She put this one in the school art show–it’s called Crazy…

The rest we took pictures of so that we could burn them to a CD or perhaps make a book on Shutterfly.

So anyways, I so want to encourage her creativity and nurture her interest in all crafts.  She so wants to be involved in my quilting/sewing and Latifah’s idea of making your own text fabric got me to thinking.  I could have Bee draw her own pictures on fabric with fabric paint/fabric markers and we could work together to sash all her masterpieces into quilts and give them as gifts to her grandmothers for Christmas.  Heck, it doesn’t even have to be an entire quilt, we could make coasters, hot pads, or placemats with her artwork.  I’m really excited about this idea and so is Bee.  I think it will be a great way to ease her into sewing.

So what do you think?  Stay tuned to see how this works.


Right where I should be

Theater MarqueeSo I still haven’t had time to sew but it’s okay because I’ve been right where I should be.  This past week was Tech week for my Drama Queen’s theater group and the performances were this weekend.  She didn’t have a big part, it was pretty small but as any mother, I think she did wonderful.  Tech week is very exhausting.  I’ve been through 9 of them now but I wouldn’t trade those weeks for a European vacation.  I love seeing her on stage and the giddy happiness that emanates from her after being onstage.  I LOVE every minute of it.  When it’s all said and done, it’s a rather emotional week for both of us.  I think this year has really had an impact because her theater group only goes to 8th grade so next year she will graduate and she will move on to other things which I hope will involve me a little bit at least.

She's always been a "hat" girl.

She’s always been a “hat” girl.  Love you sweetheart!

Last scene of the play where Dr. Evil sends her off with shark food in place of their lost kittens.

Last scene of the play where Dr. Evil sends her off with shark food in place of their lost kittens.

These kids do an amazing job–seriously, they do a better job than a lot of adult theater groups.  Their director, Christine Schaefer, is a godsend; she loves what she does and these kids just shine because of what she is able to pull out of them.  I’m always in awe of how incredible it is in the end (and mind you, I’ve sat through many a rough rehearsal).

My Drama Queen has been truly blessed to live near this non-profit children’s theater group, KidsPlay.  She’s often told me how much this group of kids means to her and how she feels that this group really understands her and that she finally feels part of the group.(yeah, I know, I get teary just thinking about it.).

Maybe next week, I’ll get a date with my sewing machine but today, I don’t mind..

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A little bit of everything

The hope is that I will get in here more now that it won't hurt my back to cut fabric.

The hope is that I will get in here more now that it won’t hurt my back to cut fabric.  As you can see, I’m still working on my Woven Chevron block for the Skill builder BOM.

I finally found a top for my make shift sewing table.  Now maybe I can actually get things organized and start sewing again.  I’ve been a little scattered in the sewing dept. lately.  I’ve been storing a china cabinet for my brother until he bought a house.  He finally bought one and now so I needed to figure out where to store my growing stash and quilting/sewing tools.  Back in February, I just happened upon a 50% off sale at Michaels on their craft room modular units and spent an entire weekend putting together materials for a cutting table.  I ended up going back to get more because Lil Bee wanted to use her allowance to build an art station up in the loft area–which seemed like a win-win because I was getting her stuff out of my sewing room but she still drags everything downstairs to be at the kitchen table :/  So there’s the cutting table up above-I only had to go to 5 different home improvement/craft stores to find MDF that was the right size for the top.

Another surprise is a pressing board that my brother made me as a thank you for storing his china cabinet.  Isn’t it beautiful?

It works great!

It works great!

Other activities keeping me from sewing have been Drama Queen’s school play (which is now done),  she has a small part in another play in a few weeks, and our 2 week Spring Break.  We didn’t go anywhere and it snowed but we did take the kids to see Oz and I took the girls with my sister and nephew to Cookies and Canvas.

She got the best supporting actress award from her peers and her directors since she played 2 parts in the play.

She got the best supporting actress award from her peers and her directors since she played 2 parts in the play.

Finished fish pics-I wish their brother had come along.

Finished fish pics-I wish their brother had come along.

Have you ever been to Wine & Canvas?  My sister has and she had a blast–we’ve decided that we definitely need to do that as a girls night sometime this summer.  I saw that they even had a painting that looked like my little Stella Violet print that I won a few months ago.


2013 Goals

IMG_0265Perfect day for sewing and making goals for sewing.  I’m usually not much of a New Years resolution type but this year I made some.

1.  Be more positive (in my sewing and in my day to day life).    I pray every night to overlook the negative and focus on the positive.

2.  Learn to paper piece.

3.  Learn to FMQ.

4.  Start/finish my Swoon quilt.  I think I’m to the point now where I am not going to completely ruin my precious Ruby fabric so time to start cutting.

5.  Finish my Craftsy BOM.

6.  Participate in Alyssa’s Skill Builder BOM and stay on top of it and actively participate with the group.

7.  Get a Flickr account–(I’ve already done this–Woot! woot!)

8.  Blog more often–I’ve found it so enjoyable to share my finishes.

9.  Complete Lil Bee’s quilt.

10.  Finish Hubby’s T-shirt quilt (i really want this done so he’ll stop asking about it)

11.  Do a table runner for my MIL

12.  Make a quilt for my oldest daughter.

13.  Start the Mystery Quilt that I am doing with the Bag Ladies Quilters so that I am done with it by April.

14.  Complete some quilts out of the Modern Patchwork book I got for Christmas.  Elizabeth Hartman has an amazing talent in putting together fabrics/colors–I wish I could use the exact same fabrics she used.  I need to do some of the techniques in the Quilting Modern book too because it’s just as awesome and I haven’t tried anything yet.

15.  I would like to complete 12 quilts/projects this year.

16.  But most of all – remember to savor the time with my kids because they are growing so fast .

The kiddos 2012

The kiddos 2012

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A little bit of everything going on here

The kids have been busy and with the holidays and Christmas shopping, I just haven’t done much sewing lately.  Of course, when I have sewn, it’s been to make an ornament for the local MQG’s ornament swap (and yes, I stressed myself out about it just like the pincushion but this time I finally settled and turned something in.)  I decided to make a little house because I’ve seen so many cute ones online.

House for IMQG ornament swap

House for local MQG ornament swap

Back of my ornament with a snowman.

Back of my ornament with a snowman.

Here are the other ornament attempts that I made.

1.   A bird which I apparently needed to make more 3D to get the effect I was going for…

IMG_02312.  A Froebel Star–there is a tutorial on Betz White‘s blog that does a pretty good job of explaining how to do this but I also had to look up a you tube video to figure out how to continue around the star.  Mine didn’t turn out as nice as the one Betz White did; I’m not sure if it was because some of the fabrics were Kona and it was just too thick or if it all boiled down to the fact that I didn’t have a bodkin and didn’t want to dig around for tweezers.  Anyways, 2 other ladies did these stars and they looked fabulous.

Froebel star attempt

Froebel star attempt

So anyways, that is why I went with the house.  Of course, I am now going to have to make another house because Lil Bee was really counting on keeping the one I gave away:)  Lil Bee is my biggest cheerleader.

The ornament I received was this cute little tree.  Funny thing, it was a blind draw and Rachel ended up with the ornament that I made.

Little Christmas tree that Rachel made--so cute!

Little Christmas tree that Rachel made–so cute!

Other than ornament sewing, I finally completed one of the March blocks from the Craftsy BOM.  Yeah, I’m a bit behind.  I think it’s because the blocks have  a modern feel and the fabric I decided to use was a fat quarter bundle my mother gave me when I first started quilting and it’s pretty traditional.  I love the colors but I’m just not feeling it with these blocks; I even went to Crimson Tate and had her help me punch it up with some more modern fabrics–maybe I just need to put more of them in the blocks.

Craftsy BOM -March block 1(completed in December...)

Craftsy BOM -March block 1(completed in December…)

That’s all the sewing I’ve done lately.  I’ve decided to make pillows for my nieces and nephews on my husband’s side for Christmas because, I like to live on the edge sometimes.  It’s only four pillows and I’m going to do something simple like the Chevron block from the Craftsy BOM.  Of course, I was hoping that I would be able to use my Walk in the Woods fabric for my 7-year-old niece but she’s apparently a Bieber fan so I’m going to have to do purple for both my nieces.  (I’m just going to have to make that Walk in the Woods into a blanket for me, I guess).

The last project that I’ve been working on is re-finishing this chair.

A chair for my sewing room, finally!

A chair for my sewing room, finally!

It’s only taken 4 coats of cream paint.   I put on the fourth tonight and decided that was it.  I can’t wait to recover the seat and get it in my sewing room.  I actually found this chair at a local antique store for $15–pretty good deal considering that everything at Goodwill cost more and was less sturdy.

Happy Holidays!  My next post will be of my pillows for the nieces and nephews.

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A little break from the Robot Star Quilt

So needless to say, I was little frustrated in quilting the Robot Star and finally put it aside for a bit.  I’ve caught up on Downton Abbey, worked on that darn t-shirt quilt for my husband (ugh, I can only do a t-shirt quilt for someone I love because ironing interfacing to t-shirts is EXCRUCIATINGLY boring), and took part in a flash mob with my girls–what fun even if I am terribly uncoordinated!

I also have been piecing together some hexies.

One little hexie

I’ve been hand piecing these while my daughter is in play practice–something simple and totable that keeps me quiet during rehearsals.  I’ve completed 3 hexies now.

3 of ? hexies needed

I’m kind of pleased with how they are turning out.  I don’t plan on doing an entire hexagon qulit–just some hexagons within a large (I mean LARGE) expanse of negative space.  I’m in no hurry though.  The fabric is cheap fabric that I got on clearance–that I bought on a whim just to try things–I liked the colors.  Maybe if it goes really well, I’ll actually purchase nice fabric and try it again.

The flash mob that we took part in last night was during Riley Days, a local craft festival, and we did some browsing of the antique store on Main Street.  I found this quilt block which I think is probably out of feed sacks but to tell you the truth I wouldn’t know if it was made out of fabric from 10 years ago.

Antique block

I love it.  There were two lonely blocks, I don’t know if they were extras or perhaps a trial of something new which didn’t work out.  I thought maybe it was an original pattern but I found the real pattern online -I would add a link her but I’m not that tech savvy–It’s a Fourth of July block.  I think the person that did this block probably struggled with it–the pattern I found online has the navy section out of HSTs and the person that did this block did diamonds so it doesn’t really fit quite right–so obviously I felt a kinship with this person and had to have this block.  I may try to do one in some modern fabrics because I think it has a modern feel to it.  did you notice that the two navy sections on the bottom aren’t the same fabric–it took me a while to notice that.

So does anyone know how to tell if these fabrics are really feed sacks?