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Spreading warm wishes one quilt at a time…


Hi, I’m Laura Wolverton.  I’m a working mom.  I try to sew when I have spare time, which isn’t often with the 3 kids going every which way.  I’ve always enjoyed creative endeavors.  I only started sewing several years ago.  My mother is a quilter (and quite good).  When I finally expressed an interest in sewing, she ran out and bought me a sewing machine.  I started out with children’s clothes because I was afraid that a quilt would be really difficult.  I made a few things for the kids which turned out pretty nice and one jacket for myself (that was horrible) and decided I was ready to give quilting a try.  I tend to jump in head first to challenging projects  I have a long list of WIPs and projects that I would like to do.   Now, if I only had the right fabric….

I started this blog to document the quilts I make and hopefully be able to look back on my progress.  I love the idea of leaving behind a legacy of quilts.

I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to seek me out on Instagram too.  I’m sffquilter.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. thanks for the like! One problem I don’t have is not enough fabric! Loads of it. Just nowhere to put it. Found a website called fabric rehab, which is very apt for me! Good luck with your quilting x

  2. Hello Laura!! 🙂 you are my lucky winner for the Labor Day giveaway! Congrats!! Check it out and contact me to claim your prize!
    Labor Day GIVEAWAY, my winners ARE!?!?!? | Ray’s Sew Crafty

  3. I never thought about “leaving a legacy of quilts” but that is such a profound idea. Just like I really treasure my grandma’s craft works. Thanks for sharing that. It’s really encouraging 🙂

  4. Hi Laura
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that you made your hubs a special quilt! I have to confess, I think I’m the worst bee member ever, I’m always late with my blocks! And leaving a legacy of quilts, what a perfect way to describe what we are doing, I’d never thought of it that way.

    • This is the first year that I have taken part in bees. I probably should have just done one because it seems that is about the only thing I seem to accomplish each month. Oh well, it’s only a year and I should get 2 quilts out of it.

  5. Hello Laura. Are you the one who used to live in Terre Haute? I work for Arts Illiana and I came across some of your jewelry if you are the one. Could you contact us if this is you? Thank you. or 812-235-5007

    Thank you and be well. 🙂

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