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Starting the new year

On the first day of the new year, I decided it was time for me to finish the blocks for the 70273 project.  I felt like a slug for taking so long to finish them-I started in March thinking I would do 31 for each day of the month.  Between March and the New Year,  I’ve done 35… I mailed them out today to Jeanne.  Go check out her Facebook page 70273 campfire to find out more about this incredible project she has taken on to commemorate all the mentally and physically disabled people that were executed/gassed by Hitler and his army.


quilt gifts

This year, I actually gifted a quilt in time for Christmas.  I started it in late August with hopes of getting it done quickly for a friend that was having multiple foot surgeries.  I chose to do a big plus quilt using some Denise Schmidt (the JoAnne’s line) fabrics in his favorite colors of orange and blue.  I did manage to finish it by Christmas and before he has to go back to work.