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I’ve been contemplating 2015 for the past few days and in looking back over 2014, I felt like I was constantly running here and there and always feeling a little disappointed.  I’ve decided this year i am going to Savor-savor the time I have with my kids, savor the time that I get to sew, savor the time I have with my family, savor time with friends no matter how fleeting that time is.

2014 was the year my oldest graduated from her children’s theatre.   I sobbed big ugly tears during that last cast party.  She graduated 8th grade.  She started high school band and color guard; I had been warned that it was a huge time suck but truly did not realize just how much a commitment it was (not only on her part but also my part).  It’s been a difficult year-I left the warm embrace of parents that I had gotten to know over the past 5 years in the children’s theatre group to enter this huge band parent community where I have just felt lost.  There were competitions every weekend during the fall and when we weren’t doing that, we were going to my son’s football and baseball games there rest of the weekend.  Needless to say. my sewing time was limited.

I would love to say that I took full advantage of that sewing time and made beautiful projects or at the least, had fun.   I set myself up for disappointment this year by joining 2 online quilting bees though; this took up all my free time.  I finally gave up on doing the Sew Kitschy Sew Along around the same time I probably stopped posting here.  It was all I could do to keep up with the bees.  One probably shouldn’t join 2 bees the first time they finally decide to give quilting bees a try.  The Stash Bee was wonderful-everyone was so good about completing their blocks and just being nice.

As a complete contrast, the Instagram bee has not been so delightful.  3 girls dropped out which was disappointing but they had life problems that got in the way and they dropped out before anyone ever had to make them a block so I really have no complaints about that.  Of course, the women that dropped out had September, November and this month (January)–my month was December so I offered to take November so that we could finish the bee up and leave everyone stress-free for the holidays.  I received a block from 1 person in November.   Another girl just had a baby and I told her not to worry about getting me a block.  I received a block from one other bee mate in December.  I’ve made blocks for the 3 people that dropped out.  I have yet to receive a block or even an email or Instagram tag from the other 5 women.  One of those women sold her book on Instagram back in October-at first, I thought I might be getting a block really early but now I think I am wrong.  I have been on an emotional roller coaster about this stupid bee ever since October.  So here’s the thing how long I should wait until I call it and accept the fact that these women will not be sending me a block?  I know no one made me make blocks for these women, no one made me send an OOP B&C fat quarter to one because she really needed it, no one made me cut up my AMH fat quarter for another’s block, no one made me go through my scraps and send cute little novelty fabric to the woman that was expecting her first grandchild…but I’m kind of disappointed that I haven’t even received an e-mail saying “Hey Laura, sorry but I’m just not going to get that block done for you.”  I really expected more common courtesy from these women but then maybe I expect too much.  Sigh…(deep breaths).

Anyways, enough whining!  This year (and maybe forever) no bees with people I don’t know.  My sewing time this year is going to be ALL ABOUT ME!!!! (after I finish baby girl’s and oldest daughter’s quilts, that is :).  To that end, I have purchased some lovely fabrics from Hawthorne Threads and my LQS:


That top right AMH is voile--absolutely Luscious.  I had no idea that voile was that heavenly.

That top right AMH is voile–absolutely Luscious. I had no idea that voile was that heavenly.

and I plan to complete some lovely quilts to hang on the quilt ladder that my daddy finished for me for Christmas:

The quilt on my ladder is a birthday gift from my mother--I love it!

The quilt on my ladder is a birthday gift from my mother–I love it!

So here’s to more posting this year.  I should have Lil Bee’s quilt done soon–I am anxious to share it.  Happy New Year!