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Paper piecing feathers


I love these little strips -I wish they weren’t so time consuming.   Halfway there-maybe I’ll be done by next weekend.  Do you ever feel like it takes you twice as long as others to do something?



Author: LauraC

I am a working mother of 3 beautiful children and wife of a very supportive husband (that is addicted to running). I love creative endeavors. Quilting is my way to get in touch with myself and unwind and hopefully connect with others too.

9 thoughts on “Paper piecing feathers

  1. I am so in that boat….I never seem to be finishing and things seem to take sooo long….I want a couple of those big finishes that are in my head:-)

  2. They look very effective. Looking forward to seeing the final quilt.

  3. Oh, what are these going to be?! And, yes! Yes, I feel like that ALL THE TIME! 🙂 But, hey, it’s more time at our machines 🙂

  4. L.O.V.E. this pattern, but especially your color choices. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you. I can’t really take credit for the pattern just my added wonkiness -it’s designed by Alyssa Lichner at Pileofabric. I can and will take credit for the colors though;-)

  5. I see you “liked” my post – – please check out the BUICK Project – you mentioned liking to write letters, in your status, so do I – I have written to soldiers (who do not get any mail) for many years – – (there is a post about “Norman’s story” – – You’ve been here awhile, I have been “a member” but never posted anything til this week – –

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