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50 Things about me

Just a warning, this is not a quilty post. I saw this on Laura Listar’s blog and thought it was fun. She did 100 but I don’t think I can think of that many things that I would willingly tell everyone so I’m doing 50. (Actually 51 since I just admitted to being a very private person).

1.  I hate having birthdays.  It’s silly, I know but after 25, I really don’t care to be reminded how old I am. (I convinced myself at one point that I was a year younger than I actually was). My sweet son even knows to tell everyone that I’m 29.

2.  I am the oldest of 3 children.

3.  My biggest dream when I was young was to live in NYC.  The closest I got was Philadelphia for 3 years.

4.  I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up but decided against law school bc I’m not a political person.  I can’t decide whether it was the smartest or dumbest decision I ever made.

5.  I was extremely shy as a child.  A lot of kids probably thought I was stuck up but really, I just was afraid to talk to people (especially boys).

6.  I didn’t stop worrying about what others thought of me until college.

7.  I went to a big university so I could get lost.

8.  My favorite place is the beach.

9.  I swore I would not live in Indiana once I became an adult and yet, here I am. 

10.  My favorite flower is a sunflower.

11.  My favorite dessert is cheesecake.

12.  I don’t think I’m very photogenic which is why I don’t put very many photos of myself out there for people to see. 3D is much better than 2D.

13.  I want to go to Italy one day.

14.  I had a crush on my husband when we were in 3rd grade.  True story -he didn’t know until 19 years later. (Should have never told him).

15.  I love to read.

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A weekend of progress

I don’t know if it was the fact that I was following all the sewing summit posts on Instagram or if it’s because I have 2 quilt guild meetings this week but I feel like I did more this week than I have in a while.  I probably still won’t have anything to show at the guild meeting since I seemed to jump around on projects but at least I am progressing forward.

So I am still working diligently on the my 3rd(4th?) attempt at the Diamond Carat.  Seriously, this block is kicking my butt.  I am just hand piecing it now and that seems to be working better than the attempts at EPP and paper piecing it (the directions called for EPP).  Hand sewing is a nice thing to have for the evening since I can do it in front of the tv with the rest of the family; I don’t feel as guilty doing that as I do running off to my sewing machine in the evening.  I have decided this pass at the block is going to have to be gold because I am not doing it again.  I think Alyssa was prepared for that instance since one of the blocks (that I haven’t made yet–did I mention that I’m a bit behind) actually ends up making an extra that Alyssa sweetly suggests we could turn into a pillow.

I, or rather TweezerGirl and I, finished my Broken Arrow Block.  Can I get a WOOT, WOOT?

I'm a little in love with this block.

I’m a little in love with this block.

Isn’t TweezerGirl cute?

Tweezergirl has it all together!

Tweezergirl has it all together!

After all the picking of freezer paper, she still looks happy and composed.  So with TweezerGirl’s help I am now ready to move onto Blocks Lesson 7.   Uh yeah, the group started Block 9 last week.  I haven’t even logged onto Flickr to see just how many people are actually keeping up.  I still have to quilt mine before I can actually say that I am caught up.

I worked a little on the “Jinxed” quilt.  I am so close to the end with this quilt, I really just need to finish.  True to form with this quilt, I realized that I cut a whole bunch of triangles down that should not have been cut down:-\   Fortunately I bought my black Kona with a coupon at Joann’s and told them just to give me the whole bolt (so I don’t have to worry about matching dye lots or anything).   I’ve started sewing blocks into rows and then got tired of pressing so worked on sewing the piano key border together.  Cross your fingers for me, I may just have a finished top by Thursday’s guild meeting.

My ten year old son has decided that he no longer wants his “baby” furniture in his room (actually he decided that about 2 years ago but we’ve been stalling because it was hard enough to paint over the mural of Thomas the Train back then).  We finally decided we would paint over it because It needed some serious cleaning if we wanted to sell it.  So today, I sanded and put the first coat of black paint over this…

It just broke my heart to cover this cute design up.

It just broke my heart to cover this cute design up.

This little dresser served as a changing table for all 3 of my children and I just have to face it, I don’t have any babies anymore.

Watched Mr. H. play his last football game of the season on Saturday.


They lost.  Poor guys, they were doing so well in the first half and then it just all fell apart.  I’m going to miss seeing this little guy in his jersey and orange pants every weekend.

And lastly, I blogged.  I hope you all had a productive weekend too.