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More blocks for the SKillbuilder BOM (almost) finished and a recipe

They still need borders and fmq but I’m calling it a finish for now.  As noted in previous posts, my sewing machine and I have been butting heads when it comes to FMQ.  So, I am concentrating on the blocks for now and will get to the quilting once I’m caught up.  Yes, I’m still working myself up to tackle the EPP block again.  I like paper piecing but I’m definitely having issues  with having enough fabric for a 1/4 inch seam allowance for the finished block–does anyone else have this problem?  I’m going to have the fix the Geoswirl for just that reason–I needed a 1/4 inch around the entire block so added 2 strips but forgot to account for the fact that my biscuit strip needed to be longer.  I may just take those 2 strips off and make my border strips bigger to account for the 1/4 inch-I haven’t decided.

GeoswirlHere is the GeoSwitz

Not sure how I feel about this block.  I may have gone overboard with the orange!

Not sure how I feel about this block. I may have gone overboard with the orange!

So the next blocks that Alyssa is going to have us do are the broken chevrons and broken arrow.   The broken arrow looks fun; I think the chevrons will be time consuming but not so much as the woven chevron was.

So I promised a recipe.  I made these last night (I did not take a picture of it)–Oven baked onion rings.  They were delicious!  I sliced up a vidalia onion and dipped it in egg and the dredged it in a mixture of Parmesan cheese and some cajun spice.  I put them on a baking sheet coated with olive oil and baked them for 40 minutes at 450 (turning them over at 20 minutes).  The kids actually ate them.  I don’t know about you but that is a constant struggle at our house –finding something remotely healthy that all 3 kids like.  It was SO nice to have a peaceful dinner full of yummy remarks rather than whining (it almost made up for my day at work).  Another plus, this fit into the recent sugar reductions that I have made with my diet.  So far, I have gone 5 days with no sugar and/or sweeteners passing my lips.

This is completely off-topic but Janice Zeller Ryan’s post here about Instagram convinced me to give it another try.  I had it on my old phone but I felt at the time it was eating up my battery (may have just been my lousy phone) and I felt a little weird about some of the bloggers I was following (I felt like I was spying on them)-but hey, I guess if they want to put it out there for everyone, why should I feel uncomfortable about it.  So anyway, I’m giving it another try–I am sffquilter and most of my stuff will be quilty/sewing.  I put most of my family stuff on my personal Facebook page and a few things here on the blog that I want to document in more than a sentence.  So what are your thoughts about Instagram?


a finish

I’m done with this “simple” baby quilt.  I say simple with a snort because this quilt and I seemed to fight each other every step of the way.  (perhaps my looming birthday is spreading it’s bad karma to make sure I recognize that I am another year older).  I had such high hopes for this dear little fabric; maybe that’s why I’m disappointed with this finish.  You may recall that I initially had planned to do a Schoenrock cross quilt and decided after doing a test block that I did not have enough fabric to make this fabric shine and showcase the little red riding hood girls.  I probably should have done another star ala Jeni Baker of In Color Order but I wanted this quilt to be really girly with big loopy flowers quilted throughout.  It wasn’t meant to be though what with my fmq headaches. So I made do with straight line quilting.

Nicole's Baby Quilt Front

I think I like it better than the front.

I think I like it better than the front.

The main fabric on the back is an Alexander Henry dot--I think it was from a Christmas line.   It's red with irregular pink dots.

The main fabric on the back is an Alexander Henry dot–I think it was from a Christmas line. It’s red with irregular pink dots.

The stats:  36 x 41

Pattern (front):   a free tutorial from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew

Fabric  Aneela Hooey’s A walk in the woods, Alexander Henry Dot, Kona Iron,  White embroidered dot fabric (I don’t know who this is by)

Binding:  English Swing by Timeless Treasures.

Thread:  red variegated cotton by Gutterman.

This is my first finish for 2013 (and it’s June…)  I’ve got a lot to do if I want to get all that I have planned for this year done.