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Out of Focus


I haven’t been able to do any sewing lately.  My father had to have heart surgery last week.  I’m thankful that it went well and he had doctors that reacted quickly (this time) since he was apparently a ticking time bomb.  He’s finally home and finally starting to look well.  

Needless to say, I’ve not done much sewing between work, the hospital, and the kids returning to school.  Last night I decided to start cutting up my material for the Skill builder BOM and then got sidetracked into putting together my design wall.  I did not finish either.  My goal today is to finish both after I get more staples, nails, some paint chips, get bobbins and thread at JoAnns, take my son to the eye doctor (because he failed his eye exam with the new glasses he got in June!) and go to the the French Seam (they’re having a SALE so I have to go at least to look, right).  So I really don’t have time to add another project to my list at this time…..but I am.

ImageYep, I saw this Schoenrock Cross QAL posted on Leila’s blog Where the Orchids Grow.  When she posted it initially, I told myself “NO”.  Then she posted about choosing colors and I noticed this block looked very similar to the cute little block I found at the antique store and wanted to make.



-it’s not quite the same as the Shoenrock Cross but almost.  I’ve decided to make at least one block.  It will help me fulfill my 2013 paper-piecing goal… I need to make a girly baby quilt so perhaps it will work for that.



Author: LauraC

I am a working mother of 3 beautiful children and wife of a very supportive husband (that is addicted to running). I love creative endeavors. Quilting is my way to get in touch with myself and unwind and hopefully connect with others too.

4 thoughts on “Out of Focus

  1. That’s so pretty! I hope your dad feels better every day and that life gets back to normal for all of you soon (whatever “normal” means . . . right?) 🙂

  2. I saw that Schoenrock Cross QAL too, and thought, “that is too hard for me.” Good on you! I bet these blocks will be gorgeous in girly fabrics. I am sorry to read about your dad, but glad he is on the mend and that you are getting back to a good creative headspace.

    • I’ve seen some of the projects you’ve tackled and I have complete faith that you can handle the Schoenrock Cross. I figure if I don’t try things that look hard, I’ll never get any better. It will be fun to use my Walk in the Woods fabric. I’ve been dying to do something with it. Thank you for your kind comments.

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