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Went a little overboard

After spending all last weekend starching, pressing and cutting my background and backing fabrics for the Skillbuilder BOM (that Alyssa at PileOFabric is hosting), I was anxious to dive into the first 2 blocks:  Soundwave and Magnum.  I’m always very concerned about my seams being a scant 1/4 inch so that my blocks are big enough. I even went so far to put a piece of moleskin down to mark where I thought my scant 1/4 inch should be since my quarter inch foot is a large 1/4 inch.  Well, I took it overboard this time because my scant 1/4 inch ended up being more like 1/8 inch.

Here's my oversized sound wave

Here’s my oversized sound wave

I ended up having to cut almost 1 and 1/2 strips off of my block in order to trim it down to 12.5  Here is the final Soundwave block (or rather my bar graph 😉 as my son called it).

So my outer strips are much skinnier now than the others.

So my outer strips are much skinnier now than the others.

I do like how my colors look together.  Not sure if I want to re-do this or not, I’m afraid I’ll run out of background fabric if I do it over.  I’ve already wasted some because I noticed that many of the long strips of background fabric that I cut for later use were not as wide at the ends of my strips as the middle so I had to re-cut them.  If I decide to re-do it, I need to decide soon because I had just enough backing fabric(hopefully we don’t need more at the end…) I’m sure that once it’s quilted, it won’t even be as obvious.  What do you think?

I enjoyed doing the Magnum much more.  I really enjoy it more when my strips can be whatever size I want and I can lay my strips at whatever angle I want–much less to worry about.

So fun to do!

So fun to do!

Looking forward to doing the FMQ next week!


Out of Focus

I haven’t been able to do any sewing lately.  My father had to have heart surgery last week.  I’m thankful that it went well and he had doctors that reacted quickly (this time) since he was apparently a ticking time bomb.  He’s finally home and finally starting to look well.  

Needless to say, I’ve not done much sewing between work, the hospital, and the kids returning to school.  Last night I decided to start cutting up my material for the Skill builder BOM and then got sidetracked into putting together my design wall.  I did not finish either.  My goal today is to finish both after I get more staples, nails, some paint chips, get bobbins and thread at JoAnns, take my son to the eye doctor (because he failed his eye exam with the new glasses he got in June!) and go to the the French Seam (they’re having a SALE so I have to go at least to look, right).  So I really don’t have time to add another project to my list at this time…..but I am.

ImageYep, I saw this Schoenrock Cross QAL posted on Leila’s blog Where the Orchids Grow.  When she posted it initially, I told myself “NO”.  Then she posted about choosing colors and I noticed this block looked very similar to the cute little block I found at the antique store and wanted to make.



-it’s not quite the same as the Shoenrock Cross but almost.  I’ve decided to make at least one block.  It will help me fulfill my 2013 paper-piecing goal… I need to make a girly baby quilt so perhaps it will work for that.


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Mystery Quilt block 1

I put together the first test block for the Mystery Quilt.  It’s a 54-40 or Fight block.  At first glance, I thought it looked fairly simple but actually it was somewhat challenging.  I can see that I am going to have to be extra careful in cutting my tri-recs.  I’ve already encountered problems with this quilt since the directions are based on the Tri-Rec ruler.  I went to Joann’s and bought the Wonder Triangles ruler (I had a 40% coupon and the rulers are supposed to be similar).  I was not present at the meeting where they discussed the fact that the markings are different on these 2 rulers:/  While it would have been ideal if I had realized that after I cut the first triangle out of my background fabric, I did at least realize that there was a problem before I started cutting into my lovely Rock & Romance fabric by Art Gallery (yes, I admit it.  I’m a little in love with this fabric).  Thus, I jumped ahead to step 2 and put together a test block before I cut a whole bunch of strips from R&R.

I finished this block 2 days ago and did not notice until tonight that the 4 patches in the bottom row are wrong.

I finished this block 2 days ago and did not notice until tonight that the 4 patches in the bottom row are wrong.

That’s what a test block is for–right?  I’m going to have to be very careful cutting my tri-rec portions because I was really stretching those star point blocks to make my seams meet.  I cropped the photo so you don’t see just how unshapely the outside of my block is.  Hopefully, the next blocks will go smoother.

In re:  PileOFabric’s Skillbuilder BOM, I uploaded the photos of my fabrics to Flickr.  I’m going with pink, brown, yellow and orange.  I struggled and struggled with fabric selection–I wanted to use teals but the only teals I was finding were rather country looking and that’s really not me.  I’m probably a little heavy with the pinks.  I was trying to work with my current stash as much as possible so this is what I’ve come up with –

My fabrics for Alyssa's BOMI’m still not sure about that yellow.  Yellow is a hard color to find in different values too.  Anyways, I’m ready to start.  Both my mother and sister will be participating as well.


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Holiday wrap-up

I made a scarf out of Sinister Swarm and Coral Coreopsis velveteen by Anna Marie Horner.  When I initially bought the Sinister Swarm fabric I had intended to put it in a quilt but then hated to cut it up so I searched for some velveteen to make an infinity scarf.  Well, I have now cut up all of the Sinister Swarm because I initially cut 2- 6 inch strips and then decided it wasn’t wide enough and went back and cut 2-9 inch strips.  (Oh well,  now it’s cut and I won’t have a problem putting it in a quilt.)  After I finished sewing it all together as an infinity scarf, I decided it was too long and bulky so I just made it a regular scarf.  I think I’m going to put non-quilt sewing to the side for a while because I’m just not as satisfied with the finished produce (unless it’s kid clothing).  I think in hind-sight, I probably should have used all voile fabrics and it wouldn’t have been as bulky.

Non -infinity scarf

Non -infinity scarf

Not the best picture, I know.

Not the best picture, I know.

My family got me some cool quilting books for Christmas:

I can't wait to do a project from one of these!

I can’t wait to do a project from one of these!

My husband even bought me fabric!  I had listed random fat quarters on my wish list thinking that he would take the kids and let them choose a couple fat quarters that they liked.  Instead he went out by himself and bought 2 fat quarter bundles–Little Black Dress by Moda and Town and Country by Dear Stella.  I haven’t decided what to do with them yet.  I was going to try and use them in Alyssa’s BOM but, I haven’t decided if the orange and gold tonal fabrics really gel with the pink/magenta fabrics I have chosen so far.

So I am working on starting my new year goals.  On Christmas Eve, I used a gift card I received from my office and signed up for a paper piecing class that was on sale–I’m looking forward to starting the videos.  Today I bought a free motion foot for my machine today so that I can start FMQ with Alyssa’s Skill Builder BOM.

I wanted to actually sew today but I should probably feed the kids first.  It’s amazing how little sewing I get done when I have time off of work–I had plans of sewing every day and it just hasn’t happened.



2013 Goals

IMG_0265Perfect day for sewing and making goals for sewing.  I’m usually not much of a New Years resolution type but this year I made some.

1.  Be more positive (in my sewing and in my day to day life).    I pray every night to overlook the negative and focus on the positive.

2.  Learn to paper piece.

3.  Learn to FMQ.

4.  Start/finish my Swoon quilt.  I think I’m to the point now where I am not going to completely ruin my precious Ruby fabric so time to start cutting.

5.  Finish my Craftsy BOM.

6.  Participate in Alyssa’s Skill Builder BOM and stay on top of it and actively participate with the group.

7.  Get a Flickr account–(I’ve already done this–Woot! woot!)

8.  Blog more often–I’ve found it so enjoyable to share my finishes.

9.  Complete Lil Bee’s quilt.

10.  Finish Hubby’s T-shirt quilt (i really want this done so he’ll stop asking about it)

11.  Do a table runner for my MIL

12.  Make a quilt for my oldest daughter.

13.  Start the Mystery Quilt that I am doing with the Bag Ladies Quilters so that I am done with it by April.

14.  Complete some quilts out of the Modern Patchwork book I got for Christmas.  Elizabeth Hartman has an amazing talent in putting together fabrics/colors–I wish I could use the exact same fabrics she used.  I need to do some of the techniques in the Quilting Modern book too because it’s just as awesome and I haven’t tried anything yet.

15.  I would like to complete 12 quilts/projects this year.

16.  But most of all – remember to savor the time with my kids because they are growing so fast .

The kiddos 2012

The kiddos 2012