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My jelly roll quilt


I haven’t done a lot of sewing lately (except for those “pin cushions”) -life has been crazy busy between work and the kids activities.  I have completed a top from a jelly roll  that I started a while back.  Since this quilt isn’t designated for anyone, I’ve just worked on it sporadically.  I made it with a jelly roll of Martinique by Moda (Three Sisters).  I bought this jelly roll when I first decided I wanted to quilt–I was afraid to use it in a project though because I loved the colors so much that I was afraid to waste it on my first project.  I ended up using really cheap fabric for my first project (that remains unfinished).  I finally realized why it’s best to use good fabrics–the fabrics are so stretched out and uneven on that first quilt-so now they are set aside for when I start practicing free motion quilting.

The pattern  I used for the jelly roll quilt is Candy Heart in the book Jelly Roll Inspirations compiled by Pam and Nicky Lintott (the actual designer of the pattern is Pamela Boatright).  I have not finished pressing all the seams.  I seem to lose track of that step when I’m working on something a little bit here and there-probably because I love ironing so much:).  All in all it’s a fairly simple pattern.  I made a few mistakes sewing this.  First, the heart is comprised of half square triangles of the dark/heart strips and light colored strips–I did not realize when I squared them up that I needed to make sure that the center diagonal on my ruler needed to match up with the meeting of those 2 halves so my blocks for the heart don’t really match up.

HST seams that don’t match up

Just so we’re clear, I am pointing out these mistakes so I remember them in the future and hopefully someone out there will benefit from my mistakes.  I do realize that for the most part, if I don’t point out the mistakes that the average viewer will not notice them.  I suppose I could pretend it turned out perfect but who’s going to benefit from that?

Second,  the checkerboard seams around the heart don’t quite match up all the way around the heart.  I’m usually pretty good about making sure that I have a 1/4 inch seam but I do on occasion make take that “scant 1/4 seam” a little too seriously.  If I had thought of it early enough, I would have purposely staggered the outside checkerboard so that it didn’t meet at the seams.

See my mismatched seams. If I had staggered the seams, no one would have ever noticed.

All in all, the top didn’t turn out bad. I will probably keep this quilt in my family room so I’m fine with a few mistakes.  I mean after all, quilting is a learning process, right?  In the future, I think I will use actual yardage for these types of patterns in the hopes that maybe I can fix some mistakes.  When you hold onto the jelly roll as long as I did, there really isn’t any recourse when you make a huge error unless you start all over with new fabric.  I may still go back and fix the checkerboard around the heart.

My version of Candy Heart.

Looking at this picture, I just noticed another mistake–can you tell what it is?

For now, I’m putting this top aside to work on my youngest daughter’s quilt which is going to be fabric panels of Beauty in You interspersed with some free form blocks.  I bought this fabric because it just screamed my daughter’s name when I saw it.  I had fully intended to buy Aneela Hoeey’s Walk in the Woods fabric to make a quilt for her (her favorite color is/was red–she now says it’s purple) but the Beauty in You Fabric was just too perfect and actually coordinates with the bright pink walls of her room.  She doesn’t seem as thrilled with the fabric as I do–so I may have a quilt to sell when it’s all done.  I’m hoping that she will be pleasantly surprised with the end product–wish me luck.


Author: LauraC

I am a working mother of 3 beautiful children and wife of a very supportive husband (that is addicted to running). I love creative endeavors. Quilting is my way to get in touch with myself and unwind and hopefully connect with others too.

5 thoughts on “My jelly roll quilt

  1. Good on you for cutting your special fabric! I’m working up the nerve to do it this week or next. Helps that I’ve got a quilt in mind for my momma, nothing’s too good for a momma.

  2. Good thing about quilting mistakes, is that once it’s quilted you won’t mind actually using it. At least that’s how I view mine. They’re the hardest used.
    I think your quilt top looks great. I love how you used your colors.

  3. Love your quilt! I am doing a jelly roll just normal like it shows on Missouri Star and I have begun to bring the bottom to the top and stitch all those together. When I got to my last pieces to stitch together they are twisted. I don’t know what I can do. Can I just cut it and sew back to untwist? Can you help? Thanks. I am new at this if you can’t tell! Ginger

    • Are you talking about the jelly roll race quilts? Those are so fun. I would just cut it and fix it if you are pretty far into it. Good luck.

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