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A little break from the Robot Star Quilt

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So needless to say, I was little frustrated in quilting the Robot Star and finally put it aside for a bit.  I’ve caught up on Downton Abbey, worked on that darn t-shirt quilt for my husband (ugh, I can only do a t-shirt quilt for someone I love because ironing interfacing to t-shirts is EXCRUCIATINGLY boring), and took part in a flash mob with my girls–what fun even if I am terribly uncoordinated!

I also have been piecing together some hexies.

One little hexie

I’ve been hand piecing these while my daughter is in play practice–something simple and totable that keeps me quiet during rehearsals.  I’ve completed 3 hexies now.

3 of ? hexies needed

I’m kind of pleased with how they are turning out.  I don’t plan on doing an entire hexagon qulit–just some hexagons within a large (I mean LARGE) expanse of negative space.  I’m in no hurry though.  The fabric is cheap fabric that I got on clearance–that I bought on a whim just to try things–I liked the colors.  Maybe if it goes really well, I’ll actually purchase nice fabric and try it again.

The flash mob that we took part in last night was during Riley Days, a local craft festival, and we did some browsing of the antique store on Main Street.  I found this quilt block which I think is probably out of feed sacks but to tell you the truth I wouldn’t know if it was made out of fabric from 10 years ago.

Antique block

I love it.  There were two lonely blocks, I don’t know if they were extras or perhaps a trial of something new which didn’t work out.  I thought maybe it was an original pattern but I found the real pattern online -I would add a link her but I’m not that tech savvy–It’s a Fourth of July block.  I think the person that did this block probably struggled with it–the pattern I found online has the navy section out of HSTs and the person that did this block did diamonds so it doesn’t really fit quite right–so obviously I felt a kinship with this person and had to have this block.  I may try to do one in some modern fabrics because I think it has a modern feel to it.  did you notice that the two navy sections on the bottom aren’t the same fabric–it took me a while to notice that.

So does anyone know how to tell if these fabrics are really feed sacks?


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I am a working mother of 3 beautiful children and wife of a very supportive husband (that is addicted to running). I love creative endeavors. Quilting is my way to get in touch with myself and unwind and hopefully connect with others too.

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