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My First FINISHED Quilt

I know, I already have a finished quilt on my blog but it is my second finished quilt.  My first finished quilt (as opposed to my first quilt started–which has not been completed…) is this one. Honestly, I do have plans to do quilts that have something other than owls.  I made this quilt for baby Amber.  Her father is one of my super great friends from my days in Philly a long time ago.  They (meaning Derek) didn’t want to know what the baby was so I was in a bit of a quandary trying to think of something appropriately gender neutral and simple enough for my limited skills.  I decided owls were appropriate and made this simple 1600 Jelly Roll quilt that I modified slightly–adding the brown on the side to look like a tree trunk and appliquéing the Sue Spargo owl and branch on it.  I started this quilt in October 2011 and finished it in December 2011.  The reason this simple strip quilt took so long was because I decided to hand quilt it since it was for special people:)

I hand quilted meandering leaves with a cream thread and did a bark like stitch on the brown tree trunk. I was so delighted after I sent it and found out that the theme of baby Amber’s room was OWLS!  I really enjoyed doing the hand quilting and plan to do it again on future quilts.ImageImageImage


Mr. H and his quilt

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All worth this smile…

Close up pic of improv Owl quilt.

It’s finished.  I sewed on the label and tacked down the binding today.  As I said previously, I didn’t do a lot of quilting on it since Mr. H. just wanted it done.  I think the organic (read crooked) lines turned out really well on this improv style quilt.  I just did a scrappy binding.  This quilt contains fabric from all my favorite local quilt stores.  On the back, I put my test block and his initials.  I embroidered the label–I think I’ll put my little icon on all my labels from now on but I probably won’t embroider all the additional text (just on special quilts).  Here are some more pics–it hasn’t been washed yet so it doesn’t have the crinkly goodness yet.

The DH and the quilt at my parents house.

The back with Mr. H’s initials–lil Bee had to be in the pic.

The gratuitous label shot. I have to say I’m a little smitten with my label. I know it’s not perfect but it adds that frou frou touch to the quilt.

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Mr. H’s Quilt

I’ve finished the top of Mr. H’s quilt.  The picture below doesn’t really do it justice.  I’ll take some better pictures when it’s complete.  It didn’t quite turn out how I had planned.  I originally planned on the sashing to be blue but the Kona that I bought didn’t play well with the other blues in the quilt so I went with the green that was already in the quilt.  My son seems happy with it (for now).  We’ll see how he feels about it once it’s complete.  He keeps asking when I’m going to stuff it–he may be planning for it to be a lot puffier than it’s going to be.

I’ve almost finished piecing the back.  I don’t plan on doing any elaborate quilting–some freestyle/organic lines–Mr. H. doesn’t care, he just wants it finished.