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What the??

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Have you ever seen a cute free pattern online and thought you could easily whip one of those up?  I tend to think that a lot and it never goes as smoothly as I plan.  For my mother’s birthday this past Saturday, I decided I would make her a little change purse from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising.  It’s a good thing that I bought a yard of fabric because I’ve now attempted to make this purse 3 times (see pic below showing all the “unsewing”).  The first time, I decided that the fused stabilizer and the 2 sets of sew – in stabilizer that were called for in the pattern were too much.  I proceeded to make the purse a second time with only one set of sew-in stabilizer–still too thick.  I decided to try again and went back to the fabric store and bought mid weight stabilizer instead of the heavy weight stabilizers listed in the pattern.  Does Sara from Sew Sweetness have these problems when she makes bags?….probably not.  Third time was not a charm either…I mistakenly decided to cut the seam allowance at the top before i finished the lining without even thinking that the pattern (that I drew for the purse) was based on the size of the metal frame.  Uggggh.  I’m determined that I am getting something cute out of this fabric.  The failed attempts are probably going to have to be mug rugs for my co-workers;).

So, should I attempt another metal frame purse or should I just move onto a cute little Amy Butler origami bag with a zipper?

The "failed" metal purse frame bag

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I am a working mother of 3 beautiful children and wife of a very supportive husband (that is addicted to running). I love creative endeavors. Quilting is my way to get in touch with myself and unwind and hopefully connect with others too.

One thought on “What the??

  1. I probably would have been in tears over having to un-sew that awesome fabric. I want some of it so badly, but haven’t made the splurge yet! Did you finally get a finished coin purse? It’s cute as a dickens!

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