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My son’s quilt

Hi, again.  I am almost finished piecing the top for the quilt my son requested.  Of course, this morning he told me he wanted a blanket puppet that he saw on tv :(.  When I said that I was going to have his quilt done soon, his response was “but it can’t turn into a puppet”.

Anyways… I better get it done soon so I can move onto the ten other projects that I have waiting in the wings.  (I just bought fabric at a fantastic sale at the French Seam to make Lil Bee, my daughter, a quilt for her bed and I am contemplating making something for the EZ Dresden Challenge)

He want this cute little owl fabric, Forest Fun, by Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman.  I decided to fussy cut the owl fabric and do strip piecing around it.  I made 2 test blocks–one that is all precise and even and one that is wonky.

Test block 1

Test Block 2

I decided to go with block 2–the wonky block.  It was less stressful.  This is my first improv project and I really like it.  I have finished 6 blocks and plan to do 3 more (my son told me he just wanted it the size of his Pooh Bear blanket–small is good:).  I’m going to put test block 1 on the back.  I’ve made the center owl block a different size for each block to compound the wonkiness/improv feel of the blanket.  I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out.  I am trying to decide whether I should sash it–I bought some bright blue Kona for the back and have plenty.  I think I want to use that crayon scribble fabric for the binding.  What do you think?

The Boy

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Beware of cute little boys

This is my son – The Boy.  He’s cute isn’t he?  I bought 2 yds of cute little robot fabric by Caleb Gray and a yard of Chevron fabric at my LQS (The French Seam) that I got on sale and planned on making a quilt with a robot theme for him.  He didn’t like the green fabric (my son is very opinionated).  Robot fabric

Caleb Gray’s Robot Factory and Betz White’s Stitch

I made the mistake of taking him along for a fat quarter sale at Crimson Tate where he begged me to make him an owl quilt.  Owls?  It must be carryover from Harry Potter because I would have thought owls were too babyish for a third grader.  So anyways, all he had to do was bat his eyelashes and I bought the owl fabric.  I’ve been diligently working on it and he checks on the status whenever I’m in my sewing room.  I’ll share it with you shortly.

Have you been doing any sewing for your kids?

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What the??

Have you ever seen a cute free pattern online and thought you could easily whip one of those up?  I tend to think that a lot and it never goes as smoothly as I plan.  For my mother’s birthday this past Saturday, I decided I would make her a little change purse from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising.  It’s a good thing that I bought a yard of fabric because I’ve now attempted to make this purse 3 times (see pic below showing all the “unsewing”).  The first time, I decided that the fused stabilizer and the 2 sets of sew – in stabilizer that were called for in the pattern were too much.  I proceeded to make the purse a second time with only one set of sew-in stabilizer–still too thick.  I decided to try again and went back to the fabric store and bought mid weight stabilizer instead of the heavy weight stabilizers listed in the pattern.  Does Sara from Sew Sweetness have these problems when she makes bags?….probably not.  Third time was not a charm either…I mistakenly decided to cut the seam allowance at the top before i finished the lining without even thinking that the pattern (that I drew for the purse) was based on the size of the metal frame.  Uggggh.  I’m determined that I am getting something cute out of this fabric.  The failed attempts are probably going to have to be mug rugs for my co-workers;).

So, should I attempt another metal frame purse or should I just move onto a cute little Amy Butler origami bag with a zipper?

The "failed" metal purse frame bag